My name is Csaba Bozso from Hungary, I have been into BMX seriously since 1987.

After years of hard training , I won several podium prizes in national competitions.
In 1997 Eindhoven (Netherlands) at the BMX World Championship I finished in 3. place.
In 1998 I received my first invitation to join a well-known Circus Gasser Olympia.
4 of us created a classic circus style BMX show and in this form we have completed two seasons in Switzerland, Germany and France.

In between 2001-2005, after our group had separated, two of us continued on with touring with several circuses and varieties in Germany and the Netherlands. Our duo was modern, upbeat and fast pacing.We use to work in well known Circus Flic Flac, Hansa-Theater,Variete Et-Cetera.

In between 2005-2011 I've received another invitation to a circus in England where I had a solo and later a duo show with a female partner and we took on a little romantic line in this usually wild style BMX show. We have had successful seasons in England even in Cromer's Pavilion Theater.

In 2012 I've created a new version of my bike show which
is the world's only BMX act in blackout (UV light) and it's a true unique vision!

Now I work in solo with my 8 minutes long show and my act can fit in various themes, choreographed shows too, like I performed a police man, rocker, Russian or 80's style in the past 2 years.

If you are intereseted please get in touch!

Thanks for visiting my site.

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